Because surfing is for everyone

The Escola Catalana de Surf’s surfing for the disabled programme is geared to groups and individuals with special needs who want to play sport and enjoy the sea. The programme allows the integration of people with disabilities into the world of surfing, a sport without barriers. The goals of the surfing courses for the disabled are to:

  Provide training that allows the pupils to enter the world of surfing and paddle surfing

  Provide resources for group activities and the enjoyment of the sport

  Improve spatial orientation, balance, proprioception, and fitness

We organise daily surfing and paddleboard activities and also summer camps, with equipment adapted to each person’s needs. 



Benefits of surfing for people with disabilities

"Sport can create hope where once there was only despair"
Nelson Mandela

Practicing a sport has the potential to improve the health, well being and quality of life of people with different abilities. 

Discover the physical and psychological benefits that surfing offers people with different physical or intellectual abilities. Surfing is a sport with an exceptional teaching model, ideal for developing an effective adapted programme. People with disabilities will enjoy an alternative kind of leisure where they can learn, improve their capacities to the maximum, and above all really enjoy themselves.

Benefits of surfing for people with different abilities: 

  • Greater physical strength and stamina
  • Improved vital functions, especially respiratory, cardiovascular and renal activity
  • Greater self-esteem and better emotional adjustment
  • Contribution to socialization, developing feelings of belonging to the group
  • Improved skeletal support, preventing complications such as decalcification and osteoporosis
  • Elimination of depression and anxiety
  • Increased participation of disabled persons in community activities
  • Promotion of social inclusion

All our instructors are accredited by the Spanish surfing federation and/or the I.S.A. (international surfing association). They have also done specific training in order to work with the disabled in sport.