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Summer Surf Camps

Enjoy a week of for children in our Summer Surf Camp. Amazing opportunity to learn how to surf, making new international friends with plenty of fun and exciting activities. Our Summer Surf Camp is tailored for boys and girls, who want to learn how to surf and disconnect after an intense school year in the company of same-aged.

Duration: 1 week
Dates: 24th June to 6th September
All levels
From 7 to 18 years old
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At the Summer surf camps we’ll introduce you to surfing and teach you the fundamentals of this sport. And if you already have experience we’ll adapt to your level. 

  You’ll become more self-reliant with the board in and out of the water

  You’ll how to learn to identify the waves and cope with them

  You’ll practice paddling with arms and legs

  Swimming with waves, apnea

  Surfing, Carver board, Yoga and Paddle surfing lessons

  Movie afternoons, workshops, games and surprise activities

  You'll have a great time doing sport with your friends



You can chooose the surf camp that best suits you. Here are the surf camps available for this summer:

Surf CampsPrice
Surf Camp - Full day
Monday to Friday from 9am a 5pm, Castelldefels
334€ / week
Monday to Friday from 9am a 1:30pm, Castelldefels
239€ / week
Monday to Friday from 4pm a 6pm, Castelldefels
149 € / week
Limited offer on Surf Camps

Offer A: Bring 2 friends and get 10% discount

† Discounts available for Full Day and Morning Surf Camps only. In order to benefit from this offer the order must include all members of the group. Offer cannot be combined with any other offers or promotions.
Also, 5% additional discount if you book more than one week.
(For bookings longer than a week call us on +34 93 710 64 30)




Daily beginner and improvement classes from 9am to 5pm with two hours of surfing or SUP every day.

The surf camp organised by the Escola Catalana de Surf combines surfing with activities geared towards this sport such as paddle surf, skateboarding, reading the medium and video corrections It’s guaranteed entertainment!

The price of the course includes 4 classes with a qualified teacher, insurance and surfing gear (board, wetsuit, etc.). On this course you’ll learn the following:

  • Safety and surf etiquette in and out of the water
  • Entering the water correctly
  • Paddling and position on top of the surfboard
  • Getting through a wave
  • Sitting on the board and the standby position
  • Steering the board
  • Catching the wave
  • Taking off and riding the wave
  • Moving on the face of the wave
  • Bailing out and kicking out
  • Finishing the wave
  • What to do if you fall off
  • Return to the beach

Thanks to the slope of the seabed, the waves in Castelldefels make for ideal surfing classes, recommendable for both adults and children (from 7 years old). At our school you’ll find people of all ages!

The price of the course includes:

  • necessary equipment
  • accident insurance

Lunch included

In the Full Day option, a full size lunch is included. We offer you a varied diet with a menu specifically designed by a dietitian. Rich and varied with loads of fruit and vegetables but also with pasta, meat and fish loaded with the necessary calories to recover the energy loss during the day in the sea.


Athough each day is different, this would be a typical timetable for the different Surf Camps:


  Surf Camp Full Day Surf Camp Morning Surf Camp Evening
9:00h Welcome Welcome  
10:00h Surfing o Paddle Surfing session Surfing o Paddle Surfing session  
12:00h Morning break Morning break  
12:30h Carver Board (surf skate), balance training, Slakeline, etc. Carver Board (surf skate), balance training, Slakeline, etc.  
13:30h Lunch    
15:00h Workshops, cinema, surfing, apnea, yoga    
17:00h End of the day    
18:00h     Surf, Carver Board and Paddle Surfing 



Port Ginesta
Local 109, Les Botigues de Sitges
08860 Castelldefels, Barcelona
How to get there >

How to get there:
C-32 or C-31
Renfe line R2S direction Vilanova y la Geltrú
L94, Barcelona Pl. Catalunya-Playa de Castelldefels-Botigues de Sitges.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can pay in cash or by card (VISA, Visa Electron, Mastercard and American Express).

Of course. You can bring your own board, wetsuit, etc.

The instructors keep a constant watch on the pupils. There are never more than 8 students per instructor in the lessons, which means we can offer quality classes with constant monitoring. What’s more, the beach at Castelldefels where the lessons take place have shallow waters. This facilitates the formation of small waves that are easy to learn on while offering a good level of safety. All the surfing equipment at beginner level is deliberately soft to cushion any possible blows and complies with the safety regulations.

Thanks to the slope of the seabed, the waves in Castelldefels make for ideal surf lessons, recommendable for both adults and children at beginner level, who will feel relaxed and unafraid. We offer approximately 270 days’ surfing a year between Barcelona and Castelldefels.

Yes, you have changing rooms with showers at your disposal.

In the unlikely event that a pupil hurts himself/herself, the instructor in charge will inform the director of the school and the parents if the child’s health has been affected in any way, mentioning any blows or injuries, even if they are not serious. Both of the Escola Catalana de Surf’s centres are near a C.A.P. (Primary Care Centre).

In the event that the child’s parents or guardians are not on the beach or using the school’s facilities, the parents will be informed of the situation and the child transferred to a primary care centre to be seen by a doctor. Depending on the diagnosis and treatment prescribed by the doctor, and after consultation with the parents, what to do next is decided: whether the child should remain at the centre or be taken home, for example.

All courses at the Escola Catalana de Surf include accident and health insurance that covers care and treatment and also the transfer of the child to the family home if necessary. The school’s management team is trained in first aid.

The school’s instructors are responsible for the pupils’ safety. All our instructors are trained in first aid and lifesaving.

In Castelldefels you can park inside the Port Ginesta marina. In Barcelona there is a parking lot in front of our premises.


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