All our courses and surfing lessons include the necessary surfing and paddleboard equipment. If you want to surf on your own and don’t have the gear, we can supply everything you need: surfboards and paddleboards of various types, neoprene suits of all sizes, paddles and other accessories.

You can rent surfing equipment by the hour. Although we have a considerable stock we recommend you book what you need in advance to avoid disappointment.

Rental charges






(up to 8-10 people)



pack neopreno + tabla

Wetsuit + board

1 hour €15 €15 €85 €10 €25
2  hours €25 €25 €135 €15 €35
3 hours €35 €35 - €20 €45
1 day - €35 €80

Carver board rental: 5€ / hour

Storage and facilities service (surf board and wetsuit + showers and changing rooms): 36€ / month 


Requirements for renting surfing and paddleboard equipment

To rent surf and paddleboard equipment you must have mastered the techniques and have the following basic knowledge:

  • Know the priority and safety rules in the water
  • Have a minimal understanding of surfing
  • Know how to brake
  • Know how to change direction

For your own and other people’s safety, if you do not already have this knowledge we recommend you enrol on our surfing course for beginners.
You must show your ID card or similar identifying document and leave a deposit.

The person who rents the equipment is responsible for returning it in undamaged condition. Therefore, the customer is liable for any possible repairs.

The late return of rented equipment will be charged separately .

No surfing or paddleboard equipment will be rented out if sea conditions are not suitable.