Monthly Adults Surf Coaching

Refine your technique and improve your physical shape on a monthly surfing course. Enjoy the safety of outdoor training and learn to surf. Choose one of the subscription options and you'll learn about take-offs, bottom turns and a variety of manoeuvres, flow and elegance, and how to read waves. September to May.

(1 Sep - 31 May) 2 hours x 1 or 2 days / week
Montgat (Mobile School)
Level: Beginner / Advanced
Age: +18
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The surf monthly course is aimed at surfers with a basic knowledge who want to improve specific aspects of their technique as well as sort out mistakes made in the basics. We adjust to your level to work on manoeuvres and correct the mistakes, while you refine your technique at the same time. On the improvement surfing course you will:

  Improve technical and physical aspects

  Learn surf etiquette: how to behave in the water, respecting the line-up and so on

  Work on the psychological aspects of self-improvement

  Learn how to choose equipment suited to sea conditions in terms of quality, safety and fun



Choose one of the following options:




Payment: Direct debit

Billed quarterly 10% discount

Billed annually 15% discount



The classes last two hours, during which there will be a general warm-up, a theory class and a practical class to work on the goals proposed by the instructor depending on each pupil’s level.

To improve your skills it is important to work on your physical capacity as well as the technical aspects. We will teach you specific exercises to increase your strength and stamina for long days on the board.

We need the best waves for the improvement courses. For this reason the choice of venue depends on sea conditions: it may in Barcelona, Castelldefels or Montgat.

On these courses we cover the following areas depending on your level and your learning preferences:

Intermediate Level B1 :
  • Duck diving, getting through the waves and making the most of the currents
  • Take-off, catching the waves before they break
  • Bottom turn
Intermediate Level B2 :
  • Place and positioning on the crest of the wave
  • Acceleration and speed
  • Reading the wave
Advanced Level C1 :
  • Basic manoeuvres
  • Turning the head/Rotation
  • Finishing
Advanced Level C2 :
  • Stylish surfing
  • Variety of manoeuvres
  • Frontside and backside
  • Power surfing
  • Repertory of manoeuvres
  • Flow

To enrol on a course you must know the basics of surfing, be in good physical shape and be a good swimmer. Pupils supply their own equipment.

Thanks to the slope of the seabed, the waves in Sitges and Castelldefels make for ideal surfing classes, recommendable for both adults and children (from 7 years old). At our school you’ll find people of all ages!

The price of the course includes:

  • accident insurance


Las clases del curso de surf mensual son de uno o dos días a escoger entre los siguientes:

  • Martes a Viernes:
    • Mañanas: 10:30 a 12:30
  • Fin de semana:
    • Sábado: 9 a 11
    • Domingo: 9 a 11

Importante: Es obligatorio llegar a la escuela entre 15 y 20 minutos antes de empezar la clase.



Port Ginesta
Local 109, Les Botigues de Sitges
08860 Castelldefels, Barcelona
How to get there >

How to get there:
C-32 or C-31
Renfe line R2S direction Vilanova y la Geltrú
L94, Barcelona Pl. Catalunya-Playa de Castelldefels-Botigues de Sitges.

Montgat (Mobile School)

Mobile school. Taking you to the best waves, usually around Montgat.
How to get there

Frequently Asked Questions

If we think the sea conditions are dangerous or too rough, we cancel the lesson and make it up in the future. We also organise alternative activities as you wish. You decide!

Of course. You can bring your own board, wetsuit, etc.

Payment of monthly courses is done via direct debit order, except for the first month which is by credit/debit card as it's an online process.


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