Catalan Senior and Masters Surf Championship 2024

Catalan Senior and Masters Surf Championship 2024

Last Saturday, February 10, the 2024 Catalan Senior and Masters Surf Championship was held in Port Ginesta, Sitges. The event was jointly organized by the Catalan Surfing Federation and the Escola Catalana de Surf.

This is an official competition, open to all federated surfers where they fought to get the title of Catalonia surfing champion.

The panel of judges was made up of Carlos Pradera, Claudia de Gispert, runner-up of Catalonia in longboard and Marc Pedrotxe, champion of Catalonia in longboard. It is worth noting the Canarian Eduardo Pérez Álvarez, international head judge of the ISA and the European Surfing Federation, who flew to Barcelona especially for the occasion.

The championship had a final participation of 30 candidates.

The championship podiums were as follows:

Open Men

  1. Gorka Arizmendi
  2. Hersy Campoverde
  3. Pau Seda
  4. Ferran Sancho

Open Women

  1. Elisabet Estíbaliz
  2. Sofia Nogues
  3. Valeria Fernández
  4. Victoria Fernández

Master Men

  1. Gorka Arizmendi
  2. Abel Marsal
  3. German Prieto
  4. Iván Fernández

Master Women

  1. Elisabet Estíbaliz

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The main sponsor of the event was Billabong, which is also our official sponsor at the Escola Catalana de Surf.

We would like to thank the non-profit association SUPerando and the community of surfers of La Long Tribu for their collaboration in the organization of the event, as well as making special mention of the Council for Beaches and Sports of the Sitges City Council for its contribution.

Finally, we would like to congratulate all the participants of this edition for their high level and particularly congratulate the director of our school, Abel Marsal, for his second place in the Masters.

Many thanks to all the participants and we hope to be able to organize more championships like this year's very soon.

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